Yellow marks my summation of divesity

In my early years as a teenager as was taught (by the teen magazines) that yellow is the colour of jealousy. I didn’t  be associated with a jealous person I pretty much avoided to wear this colour. But later on … Continue reading

A day in France

It looks like I had the chance to come back to France earlier than I’ve imagined. This time was not for fun but I did find the time for a bit of exploring If the last time I was in … Continue reading

Top 6 Romanian Fashion Bloggers that I follow daily

This week was all about numbers, so we will end it the same way. Because 60% of our readers are Romanian I thought I should share with you few Romanian fashion bloggers that I follow on a daily basis. Some … Continue reading

6 affordable clothing websites you didn’t know about!

Because so many of our followers asked about online shopping and advice on cheap websites, we decided talk about the 6 online websites that we tried and we liked. Everyone knows about ASOS and BOOHOO, no news when it comes … Continue reading

25 minimal chic outfit ideas to help you look amazing this summer

Nothing is more appropriate for summer than white. Minimalist, clean and elegant, white gives you the simple stylish look and it’s so easy to create a comfortable outfit with a white tee or a shirt. I found 25 outfits that have … Continue reading

Clown contouring. Yup, that’s right! Clown!

Lately, there is quite a fuss about contouring and the #powerofmakeup. The beauty sites are up to date with advice on how to contour yourself to perfection like Kim Kardashian.What is new and different is  Bella De Lune. A makeup … Continue reading

The rise (and rise) of the flat shoe

High heels are over. Brogue, ballet, slipper or Birkenstock are the answer this hot season. This summer’s vibe is about being comfy. The message that bloomed from the catwalks is: ‘I am out of the office and I’m stylish!’ My … Continue reading