25 minimal chic outfit ideas to help you look amazing this summer

Nothing is more appropriate for summer than white. Minimalist, clean and elegant, white gives you the simple stylish look and it’s so easy to create a comfortable outfit with a white tee or a shirt. I found 25 outfits that have … Continue reading

Tutu: from classic ballet-wear to chic street-wear

Tutu inspired skirts have made their way into mainstream fashion lines recently. The tutu was born along with the art of ballet and first invented by Eugene  Lami. It recently turned from classic ballet wear to street style with its chic, … Continue reading

How to get ready for spring

Bye bye duffle, parka and puffer coats; hello trench coat, cardigan and denim. Spring is officially here and I just couldn’t wait to take off and put away the faux fur jacket. Here is what I wore on my first … Continue reading