Peep Toe Booties – get them for cheap

#ChallengeOfTheWeek The peep toe booties had their moment of fame in the fall of 2014. Even though that was ‘so last year’ they are a perfect way to transition the winter wardrobe into the spring one. The peep toe shoes are … Continue reading

Tutu: from classic ballet-wear to chic street-wear

Tutu inspired skirts have made their way into mainstream fashion lines recently. The tutu was born along with the art of ballet and first invented by Eugene  Lami. It recently turned from classic ballet wear to street style with its chic, … Continue reading

Midi Black Pleated Skirt

Skirts are must haves, especially in spring and summer. Ultra feminine and edgy, the midi pleated skirt  is one of those pieces that never go out of style and it simply goes with almost anything. If you can’t decide between … Continue reading

Fashion around the world: Jerusalem

When you think about Jerusalem, fashion is one thing that doesn’t pop up in your mind, but even so fashion is present there in its own way. I visited the city in mid- January, peak time for sales I would … Continue reading

Boyish Style

#ChallengeOfTheWeek Breaking the gender’s standards is our topic for today. Borrowing and inspiring from men’s fashion with a sexy touch has been embraced by women recently. So, we put on our loose t-shirts and our pale wash boyfriend jeans and … Continue reading