A day in France

It looks like I had the chance to come back to France earlier than I’ve imagined. This time was not for fun but I did find the time for a bit of exploring
If the last time I was in France,  Paris did not impress me as I thought it  would, this time, a little city in northern France named Beauvais showed me more of the french features and helped me assimilate more of their culture.
We only had a couple of hours to get to explore this small and lovely city and we wanted to make the best out of it.
If you ever have the chance to visit Beauvais, I strongly recommend you to stopover at the city’s Cathedral, Beauvais Cathedral which is dedicated to Saint Peter. Its facades express the richness of the Gothic style in its grandeur. The details exposed inside of the Cathedral give its visitors a very unique feeling of a proper Gothic style built Cathedral.
My next stop was at Mudo Museum which is a small and very cultural art gallery featuring artwork since 1800s.
We then walked around the main city centre and on the old streets around it. People were all friendly and helpful. The atmosphere itself was welcoming and the experience was a very relaxing one.
One thing that let me down was the lack of food variety. We could barely find a place that served proper food ( and not just croissants and coffee). My advice would be to properly research food options in advance.
The outfit I chose for the day consisted of a pair of very comfortable boyfriend jeans, complemented by an easy-to-walk-in pair of mid heel sandals and a very comfy top.  When you are a tourist on top of looking good you have to feel comfortable.
My latest obsession are these amazing leather Clarks mid heel sandals. I match them with jeans, skirts, summer dresses and even office dresses. No matter what I wear, these sandals manage to complete my outfit. An extra advantage is the mid heel, which makes me look a bit taller and smaller and on top they are extremely comfortable.
When exploring I want to make the best of it and comfort is a must for me.
Marta x
 IMG_1140I am wearing: Mid Heel Leather Sandals~ Clarks (£20.00), Boyfriend Jeans~ Amtosphere, Primark (£12.00), No Name Top~ £13.00




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