A throwback to the 70’s

Lovely years for music and fashion, the 70’s were all about high waisted flared jeans and round big sunglasses. My favourite item from that decade is the culotte trouser. A modern and sophisticated version of the 70’s arrived in stores … Continue reading

Challenge of the week

Hello there! Challenge of the week? Bohemian fringed bags. The fringed leather shoulder bags were iconic in the 60s’ and are now successfully making their comeback into the fashion’s spotlights. The hippie vibe about the fringed bags makes me turn … Continue reading

Are you wearing the new florals?

Springtime blooms may be nothing new  but this time, the flowers got bigger. The big floral prints are everywhere in the high street shops this spring and I love it! Dresses, skirts, shorts, swimming suits and flats; nothing gets away from … Continue reading

Claret?! Is that a colour?

Almost every woman has in her wardrobe that pair of trousers that can tell if you gained weight or not. Well, this is mine. I got them in October because claret was a colour in trend and was the only colour … Continue reading