The Romanian blouse

When it comes to looking good in the summer, this year is going to be the easiest one. Now before you get too excited I haven’t discovered that magic bikini that makes you look like Queen B. This summer is … Continue reading

Claret?! Is that a colour?

Almost every woman has in her wardrobe that pair of trousers that can tell if you gained weight or not. Well, this is mine. I got them in October because claret was a colour in trend and was the only colour … Continue reading

Treasure hunting at Tk Maxx

Shopping at TK Maxx  feels life browsing in an unorganised old closet. The beauty of it is that every single time feels like going for a treasure hunt. They receive and stock  over 50,000 items in every shop and each shop … Continue reading

Valentine’s day

Special love day spent with my partner in fashion this year as we are not fans of the whole ‘love is in the air today’ mood. So, we’ve decided to turn it into a girl’s day out… Starting with a … Continue reading

#FeelsLikeSpring Outfit

I never liked winter because there is always the need for extra layers of clothes and, of course, less is always more. I know that in London the seasons do not matter because when it comes to fashion and dressing … Continue reading

Spread the word, we are blogging

Style is individual and it is a part of who we are. Living  in London is always a challenge: finding cheap and decent rent, paying bills on time, meeting deadlines and struggling with traffic. On top of this, the main … Continue reading