The Romanian blouse

When it comes to looking good in the summer, this year is going to be the easiest one. Now before you get too excited I haven’t discovered that magic bikini that makes you look like Queen B. This summer is all about the 70’s and boho chic style and, as you’ve noticed, the shops are full with chic items from 70’s so it’s not hard to get inspired and start shopping. This trend is literally everywhere!

On the 24th of June it The International day of the Romanian Blouse. The day evolved around the image and significance of the traditional folk costume “ia,” the Romanian blouse. “As well as being things of beauty, these Romanian folk costume items are special, genuine anthropological artefacts that reflect the identity of their bearers through manually sewn symbols.”

The ancient design of the Romanian Blouse that  has influenced  the  international trendsetter Tom Ford in 2011 goes back to origins one more time.


Found on

Here is how I wore mine:

2015-06-12 15.34.03

 Blouse – Zara (£25.99), Jeans – Zara (£24.99), White shoes- Zara (£14.99), Earrings – New Look  (£6.99), Floral Bag – New Look (£15.99), Sunglasses – Zara (24.99)

2015-06-12 15.34.34


20150612_15363920150612_132239Have a lovely summer!

Georgiana x


Any thoughts?

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