NOT a label. NOT a disappointment. NOT different

19865-60d32b93b68a487cba2da55491dddfefNOT a label, NOT a disappointment, NOT different and NOT scary. She happens to have Down Syndrome. Surprise her with your help and support!

Mara , NOT a label , NOT a disappointment , NOT different , NOT undeserving and NOT scary . She happens to have Down Syndrome , which is a common genetic chromosomal disorder . Most importantly , only a few select parents are chosen to be the luckiest people to have the privilege of having such a special child and especially the opportunity to experience pure and unconditional love . She is their world! Her mom is the most positive person I have ever met and even though she doesn’t know we are doing this, I know that she would appreciate all the help we can get them. Mara has problems with her hearing, legs and her tiny heart which will require an operation.

Our aim is to surprise Mara and her parents with a selfless act. Something that make human beings hope. Love & Help. (text written by Budianu Bogdana)

Click on the link and let’s forget about fashion for a moment and be humans.




Georgiana & Marta


Any thoughts?

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