A throwback to the 70’s

Lovely years for music and fashion, the 70’s were all about high waisted flared jeans and round big sunglasses.

My favourite item from that decade is the culotte trouser. A modern and sophisticated version of the 70’s arrived in stores this spring even if designers placed them in the fall 2015 fashion category. I started to love a wide leg and  the flattering comeback makes me drop the skinny jeans for the summer, I think we had quite enough of those for now.

10644528_941122369253301_5976999719985870702_n11038113_941122269253311_6447511463884329282_n11150536_941122319253306_744488933979448687_n20150416_120156 20150416_120617

Culottes trousers ~ (£7), Red top ~ (£5), Stripey pointed flats ~ (£5), Navy blue striped clutch ~ (£6) # all from Primark


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