Claret?! Is that a colour?

Almost every woman has in her wardrobe that pair of trousers that can tell if you gained weight or not. Well, this is mine. I got them in October because claret was a colour in trend and was the only colour that was absent from my closet. When I wear claret it reminds me of those beautiful autumns spent in the parks with friends as a teenager and gives me energetic vibes. Claret means for me the calm before the storm.

On top of that claret is also a red wine, one from the Bordeaux district of France. But leaving the wine on the side let me show you what I wore yesterday.

PSX_20150407_022131 PSX_20150407_021911

PSX_20150407_021815  PSX_20150407_021747

Claret trousers ~ H&M (£9), Light purple top ~River Island (£28), Claret necklace ~ H&M (£8), Peep Toe Booties ~ New Look (£15), Fringe Black Bag ~ Primark (£10)

 Have a great week,



Any thoughts?

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