Stripes. Jewellery. Crop tops

shoot 2 (3)
Hello there!
Stripes and jewellery have always been one of my addictions. Cropped tops… Just joined them.
And all together create an addictive outfit.
shoot 2 (1)
Stripes have always given me that Parisian/ elegant vibe.
Jewellery… Do I need to explain why? Because jewellery!
And crop tops. They can finish an elegant evening outfit or a playful summer one. The crop tops trend took a kick start in North America in the mid 80s but they are back now and I added them to ‘my addictions’ list.
Anyway, I matched all the above with a pair of peep toe boots who, as Georgiana previously said, dressed up my outfit.
Good bye for now!
shoot 2 (8)
shoot 2 (10)
I am wearing: Crop Top~ New Look (£6.00) Stripped Skirt~ Primark(£10.00, Boots~ New Look (10.00)
Clutcj~ Zara (£5.00)

Any thoughts?

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