Fashion around the world: Jerusalem

When you think about Jerusalem, fashion is one thing that doesn’t pop up in your mind, but even so fashion is present there in its own way.

I visited the city in mid- January, peak time for sales I would say.  Simple and minimalist are the perfect words to describe the style of most women, religious and non-religious ones. If they don’t dress in black, then they choose plain colours to express their personality and their style.

I noticed that women don’t wear heels almost at all and everyone chooses to wear comfortable flats and ballerina shoes. The old Israeli fashion has its influences on blazers, plain simple dresses, tunics with gorgeous detail and thin, colourful and floral scarves that are present in almost every shop. Even if Jerusalem is a religious city the ‘chic’ has its own place for religious traditional women and for others as well; you can find one of a kind pieces at a good price if you look for something original to take back home as a souvenir that you can wear.

Having a look at the accessories, sunglasses are usually worn by everyone in the streets and jewellery shops are the place for finding little precious treasures. You can try your negotiation skills at the bazaar or at the jewellery shops where silver and gold have a decent price.

Jerusalem-Old-City-Market-4Souvenir shop in the Old City. Picture source

High street brands have their own place in the Malha Shopping centre that combines traditional brand shops such as Castro with international brands like H&M and Tommy Hilfiger.

What I found surprising was the luxurious open pedestrian shopping area with an indoor and outdoor promenade, showing off designers like Versace, Ralph Lauren and Rolex, is located right next to the old city of Jerusalem, a religious and holy place.

Mamilla shopping centreMamilla –  open shopping center situated near the Old City – Picture source

There are some cities in Israel, like Tel Aviv where the casual and sassy street style is more colourful and religious dressing is not so common amongst the population of the city.

Simple and minimalist outfits:

Fashion in Israel 2

New InfographicFashion in Israel 1

Featured image source



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