Boyish Style


Breaking the gender’s standards is our topic for today.

Borrowing and inspiring from men’s fashion with a sexy touch has been embraced by women recently.

So, we put on our loose t-shirts and our pale wash boyfriend jeans and felt more comfortable than ever! We could not help but wear hats that perfectly completed the outfits.

Flowers and bags were our girly touch for the look, keeping the feminine vibe alive.

Keep in mind, adopting the boyish style does not mean you need to be a tomboy girl, you need to feel like one: confident  and adventurous.


T-Shirt ~ Atmosphere Primark (£6.00), Boyfriend Jeans ~ Bershka (£5.00),

Trainers ~ All Star, Hat ~ H&M (£12.00)




Ripped Jeans ~ Bershka (£30), Black T-shirt ~ Bershka (£9), Black Skater Pumps ~ TopTen, Hat ~ H&M (£10), Black and Yellow Bag ~ New Look (£15)



Tips and tricks: The secret in adopting a boyish style is to borrow from the boys at least 2 pieces. It can be shoes, t-shirt, hat, or jeans. Just mix and match to get a casual outfit. Just remember to keep it plain and simple as you have no luxuries in your wardrobe.

Here is something extra for you, another two outfit ideas that you can pull off easily:

how to dress like a boy infographic

tomboy outfit 2

Style is a choice. #PlayOn

Marta and Georgiana


Any thoughts?

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