Comfort is not the sacrifice of style


Well, hello people!

I am back from my short and chic trip to Paris! I have an amazing article coming soon about How to travel Chic and Cheap to Paris.

But now, let’s stick to the subject of the week: trainers. We will be talking a lot about comfy and chic trainers this week.


I am wearing: Fuchsia Top~ H&M (£5.00), Leather Leggings~ Next (£12.00) Nike Trainers (£25.00), Bag~ Atmosphere Primark (£10.00)





Lately, trainers have become a worldwide trend and everybody adores them, including me. They left the gym sphere and environment and are having a fashion moment. They hit the catwalk at Chanel Haute Couture Show in January 2014 and became an unexpected must have!

Besides being comfortable, trainers are also affordable. The neon pink & black that I am wearing were £25.00 and I got them from JD, Kid’s Section again.

Therefore, heel lovers; make space in your wardrobe for a pair of chic and comfortable trainers.

Tips and Tricks: You do not sacrifice style by trying to be comfortable.

Style is a choice and it’s free! #PlayOn.




2 thoughts on “Comfort is not the sacrifice of style

  1. these trainers became an unexpected must have!? like the “neon shit clothes” or “those gumboots”, which Everyone is wearing them and look like fishing boots?just because Everyone chooses to dress according to the latest collections presented in New York, because “we love to be fashionable!”? we are just SLAVES of fashion.
    I do not understand why someone should say what you have to wear. If i like it, I’ll buy it, if not, no. Who cares it s fashionable or not?
    In my opinion the whole thing with fashion blogs, wearing the same things like everyone else just because it’s on top etc. is a huge superficiality/shallow.


    • Ok, we respect your opinion but no one is forcing you to visit our blog or to wear ‘neon shit clothes’ or trainers. This is a blog where we speak and write about our style and what we like. Style is a choice.


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