How to get ready for spring

Bye bye duffle, parka and puffer coats; hello trench coat, cardigan and denim.

Spring is officially here and I just couldn’t wait to take off and put away the faux fur jacket. Here is what I wore on my first day of spring:

2015-03-01 15.21.30

Faux fur jacket ~ H&M (£20), Ripped jeans ~ Bershka (£30), Light Cotton Grey Blouse ~ H&M (£15), Black Heels ~ H&M (£15), Black floral necklace

2015-03-01 15.18.06

The first thing to do this spring is to revamp your wardrobe asap. Have a look here  to get an idea of how to reorganise your closet.

Make sure you get rid of all your woollen articles in your wardrobe and keep the clothes with neutral colours (black, brown, beige, white, greys). Keep a supply of short sleeve t-shirts handy as well of light cottons. Don’t forget about blouses with a breezy feeling. Keep the navy stripes articles, are still in fashion.

It’s time to wear pastels and colourful floral maxi dresses, printed skirts, and white trousers and jeans.  Ballerina shoes are a must this spring both with light hats and colourful jewellery.

Spring trends

Figure out what you still want to wear and start shopping for new arrivals. Have a look here and here to see what is trending (but I am sure you know that already) and get outside and enjoy the fifty shades of sun, and start stocking up on vibrant tops.

Have a great one!



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