Spice it up!

It feels so nice to always come back in Hampstead and walk into the Heath! There is something about Hampstead that reminds me of the little town I come from; might be the amazing fresh air, the small boutiques or even the smiling and welcoming people.

I spent the last weekend relaxing and walking around Hampstead with Georgiana. We did one of our favourite thing: we took pictures and changed outfits in the coffee shops’ rest rooms.
We had so much fun, we enjoyed ourselves and we are so excited about our new blog!
There is such an amazing vibe when we see how many of you are actually reading our posts! Thank you all! ❤️
Therefore, my weekend was all about getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city into a nice and comfy outfit and enjoy my time outside.
IMG_0717                      IMG_0720
Coat~ Atmosphere Primark (£10.00), Sweater~ Atmosphere Primark (£8.00), Skirt~ H&M (£8.00), All Star Charcoal Trainers, Bag~ Atmosphere Primark (£8.00), Hair-band~ Camden Market ( 1 for £7.00, 2 for £12.00)
Tips and tricks: Go to Camden Market! Negotiate! Buy nice and cheap stuff!
I love going to Camden Market and negotiating a lot. I personally find it fun and challenging.
For example, I found the hair band that I am wearing in the pictures on Amazon for £10.00 and I got mines from Camden at the amazing price of £12.00 for 2.
Style is a choice and it’s free! #PlayOn

Any thoughts?

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