How to wear cotton tote bags

I always loved the eco shopping bags and now that the spring is on its way I am thinking to make them trend in my wardrobe.

The best thing about the cotton tote bags is that you can find them in loads of different prints for a very low price. You can always get one, with a personalised or a funny message printed on it, from Etsy or eBay.

They’re dirt cheap and you look cool while helping the environment.

tote bags ideas

The term tote means “to carry” and  the tote bag craze started with Kate Spade. The fashion designer transformed how American culture embraced tote bags when she began carrying them. Today we have them in all shapes and sizes and they do make shopping more fun.

2015-02-27 18.00.38

Cotton Tote bag ~ Primark (£1.50)

I chose to wear mine with a white skirt from Hootch (Kkds section) an oversized blouse, to keep me warm, assorted with black boots. This outfit would go as perfect with Wellington boots and a hat on  a rainy day.

2015-02-27 18.18.44

Black Blouse ~ H&M (£15), White Skirt ~ Hooch, eBay (£3.00), Black Boots, Scarf ~ Camden Market (£4.00), Cotton Tote Bag ~ Primark (£1.50)

2015-02-27 18.38.54

2015-02-27 18.25.20

Tips and tricks: Primark sells the bags all year round. They always have the ones with the Union Jack design or different designs that are currently trending (such as Frozen or Friends). They make a perfect souvenir when going to visit someone abroad.

Have a great weekend!



Any thoughts?

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