Treasure hunting at Tk Maxx

Shopping at TK Maxx  feels life browsing in an unorganised old closet. The beauty of it is that every single time feels like going for a treasure hunt.

They receive and stock  over 50,000 items in every shop and each shop is quite unique. I go there twice a week and last time I visited Tk Maxx from Brent Cross I purchased a silver skirt. It was love at first sight. A knee length  gathered skirt that when I wore I always think about what Carrie Bradshaw said in one of the episodes from Sex and The City: ‘The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.  And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.’


Silver gathered skirt ~ Qed London ~ TK Maxx (£8), Plain grey top ~ Tk Maxx, Mid Grey Heels ~ H&M (£15)

2015-02-25 19.10.42


Top tips for shopping at Tk Maxx

First of all always get a basket when you go there. Finding nice things for a reasonable price can take some time so patience is a must here (trust me on this one!).

Each rail is split into sections according to size. The sizes can get mixed therefore you need to look carefully everywhere. Most of the times, the size number is visible on the hangers and makes it easier for you to have a good look at the desired size range.

Always try on the clothes. If you are size 8, a 10 can fit you better or sometimes even a 6 can look big on you. The shop is well known for stocking unusual brands with unusual sizes so make sure you always get the right on so you can look fabulous.

What you see is what you get. They don’t stock additional products or sizes in the back so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t forget that the merchandise varies from store to store and you might have a second chance to find your size in another store and maybe treasure hunt for other things as well. Always be open-minded.

If you love it, grab it – should be the TK Max slogan. More of a dozen times, I was thinking  to get the item the next day because I wasn’t decided at that time, and every single time I made the wrong decision. So if you find something that you like, just get it. Plus, if you change your mind you can always return it to the store and bargain hunt for something else. Here is their returns policy.

Visit the shops often. They stock new merchandise every single day so you never know when you might find that desired silk scarf or finally that watch on 70% sale.

Have fun shopping! #PlayOn



Any thoughts?

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