#FeelsLikeSpring Outfit

I never liked winter because there is always the need for extra layers of clothes and, of course, less is always more.

I know that in London the seasons do not matter because when it comes to fashion and dressing up you can see women wearing ballerina shoes in the winter and boots in the summer (check our underground mates). Winter coats are never a must here and open peep toe high heels are permitted in December.

I tend to be quite traditional when it comes to this though. I wear furry coats if I’m cold and you would never see me wearing sandals in March.

Trying to beat the February blues and force the weather I chose to dress lighter today. In the last few months I fell in love with red (blame Christmas) and I wear it a lot, so I chose to wear my Atmosphere red coat combined with this lovely floral trousers found at Mango three days ago (£10 on sale). The top is a simple grey one, that I got from TK MAXX few years ago, plain but goes perfect with the not-so-simple trousers.

2015-02-23 20.54.34

Coat ~ Atmosphere Primark (£10), Floral trousers ~ MNG (£10), Grey Heels ~ H&M (£15), Grey top ~ Tk Maxx, plain black scarf ~ Primark, Black & Yellow bag ~ New Look (£10)


Tips & Tricks: If you like shopping from High Street brands, make sure you always go to the branches that are actually on the High Street (Oxford Street, Regents Street) because there they always have sales and there are so many things that can be found just there and are not available in smaller shops. Plus don’t forget that teher is a better chance to find your size there.

Style is a choice and it’s free. #PlayOn



Any thoughts?

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